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Did you know bilingual books make your baby smarter? Learn the benefits of reading two languages to your little ones. 

"The brain is like a muscle. Like any muscle, the more you use your muscle, the stronger it is."

Magaly Lavadenz Professor, Loyola Marymount University

"Social science research from the last decade is proving that if a child can learn two languages they will do much better in academic achievement tests over the life of their education."

Jan Corea CEO, Califorina Association of Bilingual Education

“Being bilingual did not slow down or confuse children when it came to reading – in fact, bilingual kids were good readers and even showed some advantages over their monolingual peers.”

by Kaja K. Jasinska. contributor of Blog on Learning & Development

"Most children who will become fully functionally bilingual receive input in both languages from birth. These children show a distinctive brain organization for languages compared to children who acquire a second language later. Early acquisition of a second language helps with learning to read."

Article on Psychology Today, Oct. 12, 2016